During the “beauty basics 1” you will learn all the beauty basics you will need as a make-up artist.
We will start each day with a theoretical course accompanied by a demonstration.
In the afternoon the candidates will practice the make up techniques seen in the morning demonstration.

• Product presentation in the chronological order of application
• Anatomy and morphology of the face (eyes, brows and lips) and the different face shapes
• Color theory and how to use this knowledge in practice
• Make up of the skin, eyes, lips and brows
• the lights and shadows techniques as well as the blending in between these two
• Learning different make up techniques
• Day and Evening Make up
• Bridal make up (European and middle eastern)
• Practical workshops

Training sessions organized during the week in BRUSSELS

-November session: from 16/11/2020 until 20/11/2020

-February session: from 15/02/2021 until 19/02/2021

-April session: from 05/04/2021 until 09/04/2021

-July session: from 12/07/2021 until 16/07/2021

-August session: from 16/08/2021 tot 20/08/2021

-November session: from 15/11/2021 until 19/11/2021

Sunday training sessions in Brussels:

– 5 Sundays starting 10/01/2021
–  5 Sundays starting 25/04/2021
–  5 Sundays starting 19/09/2021

Night school:from 6:30PM until 9:30PM
-Two times a week: Tuesday and Thursday from 11/05/2021 until 10/06/2021 and from 15/09/2021 until 14/10/2021

1. The purchase of personal kits (products, brushes, accessories…)is not included in the price of the course
2. All the MAKE UP FOR EVER products will be put to the disposal of the candidates. A basic set of brushes will also be put to each candidate’s disposal.
3. You will need to bring the following products: sponges, tweezers, pencil sharpener, plastic or metal palettes, tissues, q-tips, cotton pads and a small towel to protect your work surface.
4. You are eligible for a 40% discount (professional discount) on all MAKE UP FOR EVER products, as soon as you settle the first installment and you will benefit from this discount up to 3 months following the last day of the course.
5. You are also eligible for this discount if you wish to order online (after you register your pro account via our website). When you register you should simply mention the code of the program you have registered for (this training program: “SFX01”)
Register on the MAKE UP FOR EVER Webshop


1.The first installment secures your registration
2. Accepted payment methods: bank transfer preferably, by card (credit cards not accepted) or cash payment in the MAKE UP FOR EVER boutique on Mont des Arts 19, 1000 Brussels.
3. Cancellation policy: full refund if cancelation is 10 working days before start of the course
4. Should the cancellation be later than 10 working days prior to start of the course there will be no refund.
The course will go through if there is a minimum of 2 registered candidates.
Cheques Formation : 50% de réduction

– A participation certificate from the MAKE UP FOR ACADEMY Brussels will be handed over to the candidates by the instructor on the last day.
– Ever candidate should foresee a model from 2PM until 5PM. Should this be impossible for multiple candidates, then they will practice on each other.
– All products and 1 set of brushes (per candidate) will be put to the candidate’s disposal during the course.
– Personal products are allowed during practice
– Every candidate is responsible for cleaning their brush set after every class.
– The trainings are given in dutch, French and/or English (depending on the group)
– The candidate must be able to prove that he/she is at least 16 years of age on the first day of training.
– The training session go through if there is a minimum of two registered candidates.

WANT TO LEARN MORE?: Have you followed beauty Basics 1 and would you like to learn even more?
You can follow the training: Beauty basics 2 in order to master more specific techniques.

CONTACT: contact the Brussels Academy through the registration form.

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1250€ INCL. VAT