During this training you will be fully prepared within all the domains that the beauty industry has to offer.

Are you passionate about make-up and would you like to work for a luxury brand? Or rather as a freelancer? Perhaps you were thinking of opening a beauty salon where you also offer make-up in addition to treatments?

Or are you just crazy about beauty makeup?

Then this training is for you!

Every Tuesday and Thursday, during 6 months you will be taught the latest beauty trends and techniques.

After an exciting and intense period of 6 months (2days/week), our students have a full understanding of what the role of a make-up artist is and what the possibilities are.

With a certificate from the MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy you are able to collaborate with specialists in the beauty industry. You also meet the requirements to work with photographers and stylists during photo sessions and fashion shows.


– Session starting 23/03/2021. Classes every Tuesday and Thursday from 9.30AM until 4.30PM.

Excl. school holidays. The Academy does not follow the dates of official school holidays.

– Basics knowledge of the skin.
– Product knowledge.
– Anatomy and morphological analysis of different face shapes.
– Color knowledge and how to use it in different settings.
– The role and attitude of the make-up artist in the beauty industry.
– Make up for the skin, eyes, lips and eyebrows.
– Blending, lights and shadow techniques.
– Understanding morphologies and how to make the necessary corrections to the skin, eyes, lips and eyebrows.
– Retrospective make up from the 1920’s to modern day make up and how to adapt it.
– Historical make-up in fashion.
– Application of day and evening make up looks.
– Make up for mature skins as well as different ethnic groups.
– Glamour make-up
– Bridal make-up
– Practical tips and tricks to adapt the learned techniques to different settings (photos, bridal, fashion show…).
– Fashion make-up & trends.
– Basics of studio lighting knowledge for make-up.
– Studio and photo make-up.
– Hairstyling.



You don’t need to have previous knowledge of make up to join this 6 month (2 days/week) master training . All levels are welcome. For make-up lovers, people who have a passion for make-up and might  want to upgrade their skills to become professinals.


The courses are given in French and English. The student will be corrected in his/her native language.

In addition to the mother tongue, average knowledge of French, Dutch or English is essential, ie. sufficient to understand the lessons or instructions in one of these languages and to be able express themselves clearly in one of these languages.


The participants are selected on basis of their interview (motivation letter, a list of questions during the interview and if the candidate has a portfolio) and a short discussion with the Director of the MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy Brussels, Mr. Dries WELSCH, who evaluates the candidate’s motivation and creative talent.

Every candidate must be 18 years old at the start of the school year.


1 masterclass is also organized throughout the 6 month (2 days/week) course. The academy invites a professional within a make-up domain to do a demonstration for the class.




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€4600 registration cost + €1500 basic make-up kit or €1750 advanced kit or €2000 pro kit